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Spanish Politics Updates



Spanish Politics Updates by Kevin Bruton

Welcome to the Spanish Politics Updates page of Labour International Costa Blanca Branch website. Kevin gives a regular update of the political scene in Spain at our monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of the month held in the Ancora Playa Centre in Xábia. You can access these reports from the archive below.



Mar 2016 Spanish General Election - Post Mortem continued.............PSOE Sánchez negotiations......Cuidadanos, Podemos. Jan_2016 Spanish General Election - Post Mortem........... Nov 2015 - Cataluña - Special Report by Michael Tangeman; latest polls General Election 20 December;---------------



12th July 2016

Analysis of General Election 26th June and Spanish reaction to Brexit result

10th May_2016

No new government in Spain since the General Election of 20th December .. cost of staging a General Election..... Ian Gibson.....summary of the state of the parties...........the 40th Anniversary of the founding of “El País"........

12th Apr_2016

Post-Spanish General Election negotiations continue......Cuidadanos, Podemos......Spanish Civil War - last survivor of the Lincoln Brigade, Delmer Berg, died in California at the age of 100...

8th Mar_2016

Spanish General Election - Post Mortem continued.............PSOE Sánchez negotiations......Cuidadanos, Podemos.

12th Jan_2016

Spanish General Election - Post Mortem , complications in Cataluña ... The King's sister, Cristina, in court in Palma de Mallorca, together with her husband, Iñaki Urdangarín... King Felipe VI, makes his second Christmas address

8th Dec 2015

Spanish General Election - Preview

10th Nov 2015

Cataluña - Special Report by Michael Tangeman; latest polls General Election 20 December;

13th Oct 2015

September Elections to the Regional Parliament in Cataluña; the forthcoming General Election December - “PSOE makes pacts with extremists”; 12th October - “Fiesta del Pilar” and the “Día de la Hispanidad” the economy,unemployment rate in September went up; increasing trade between Spain and Cuba; corruption cases continue;

15th Sep 2015

Election Campaign Sept 27th with Elections to the Regional Parliament in Cataluña. Refugee Crisis in Europe; election of Jeremy Corbyn ; unemployment figures rose in August ; Oxfam has just published a report “Europe for the majority not for the élite”; Ground Zero New York, a huge metalic bird sculpture by the Valencian architect Santiago Calatrava

15th Jul 2015

Summary of results of May local and regional elections; more on Bárcenasgate; overtures for the November General Election - new PP tax breaks; PSOE - Sánchez to be presidential candidate; Greece and Spanish opinions; employment figures; the Spanish renewables industry in UK

9th Jun 2015

Local and Comunidad Elections 24 May 2015

14th Apr 2015

Regional Election - Andalucía results - PP defeat; PSOE - Felipe González backs Sánchez who plans a decentralised campaign; Rajoy, PP losses down to a “failure of communication" - “Is Spain better or worse off than in 2012?”; Corruption cases, of course, continue . . . ; Polls - PSOE, PP and Podemos 20%; Governor of the Bank of Spain, Luís Linde comments “Austerity is patriotism”; voting intentions of young people in Spain; Watergate joke

10th Mar 2015

Corruption Cases Clog Spanish Courts; major election year in Spain - Regional Parliamentary, Cataluña and the General Election; summary of the State of the Nation Debate Rajoy v Sánchez; Andalucía election in March; PP nominations in Madrid; emergence new parties Podemos, Cuidadanos; Women's International Day - Almudena Grandes.

13th Jan 2015

Repercussions Paris Terror Attacks; year-end and year-start statements from political leaders - Felipe VI; Sánchez and the need for unity; opinion polls - lead to PSOE or Podemos with PP not far behind; candidates for the May local and regional elections; Podemos and Syriza; hepatitis sufferers in Spain; unemployment fell overall in 2014; Thomas Piketty, “Capital in the 21st Century” in Madrid; on- going corruption cases; Valencia gallery of Modern art (IVAM).; Film Awards - death of anti-fascist actress Luise Rainer at 104

9th Dec 2014

Sánchez PSOE pressing to set up a parliamentary sub-committee for reform of the Constitution; Spaniards’ major worry - unemployment (77%); 2nd Corruption(64%). Rato(PP) falsified Bankia accounts; Podemos 60-page economic programme - increased public expenditure, slow-down of Spain’s debt repayments, etc. ILO: in terms of the worst inequality, Spain 2nd behind the USA, (UK 15th). 2006 to 2010, the gap widened in Spain more than in any other country.

11th Nov 2014

Catalan Poll; Princess Cristina case; more on corruption; Sánchez - 100 Days; the Economy; theme parks profitability

9th Sep 2014

the Diada, Catalan National Day; PP - view on Scotland, new Electoral Reform Law; Sánchez summer programme and manifesto for 2015, primaries delayed; Spain and ISIL; Giner "The Angel of the Pyrenees”

12th Aug 2014

Pujol confession to money laundering more than €300m; Cataluña still pledges a referendum on independence on 9th Nov; new PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez Castejón; open primaries Nov for General Election 2015; Polls: PP 32.3% PSOE 31.7%, Podemos 3rd - 10.7%; Summer crises: Spain’s A&Es - school dining rooms remain open;

8th July 2014

Abdication of Juan Carlos, Noós trial cont.., PSOE leadership candidates; Inequalities; TU Crackdowns; Bachillerato exam question re Podemos

10th Jun 2014

Analysis - European Elections 25th May; Abdication of don Juan Carlos

13th May 2014

European Elections 25th May - PP Miguel Arias Cañete v PSOE Elena Valenciano, prognostications; Tobin tax on financial transactions - attempt by UK Government to block; Spanish Grand Prix; Leon Shooting;

11th Mar 2014

10th Anniversary train bombings in Madrid; 8th March International Women’s Day - demonstrations against PP government’s Abortion Act; State of the Nation - who won the debate?; Ceuta and Melilla; corruption: more on the Noós case and the Bárcenasgate scandal; latest EC economic forecasts; Paris, will almost certainly elect a socialist woman Anne Hidalgo as mayor, 22nd Feb-75th anniversary of the death of Spain’s greatest 20th century poet, Antonio Machado

11th Feb 2014

Infanta Cristina de Borbón in the dock; Rajoy's personal attack on Rubalcaba "either shut up or recognise what people have achieved”; dissent within PP ranks:ETA, abortion; new right-wing party Vox made up of previous PP activists; latest poll; Bárcenasgate continues; corruption in politics; “Marea Blanca” stopping privatisation of six more hospitals in Madrid region; Cataluña - independence - new proposals for Senate/regional affairs; inequalities in Spain; Film Awards season.

10th Dec 2013

More on Bárcenasgate and PP corruption; Rajoy first public press release since election; demonstrations continue: Madrid Region privatisation of hospitals and health services - latest privatise hospital laundry services, workers who survive suffer a 40% pay cut; a street cleaners’ strike ended in Madrid after 13 days - keeps 1000 jobs but work for 45 days pa without pay and pay-freeze until 2017; introduction of the “Law of Citizens’ Safety” ; purge of senior 'socialist' officials in Spain’s “Agencia Tributaria”; Carlos Fabra in Castellón sentenced to four years for tax evasion; rich bankers on >1m€; OECD - Education - Spain 33rd; close down of Canal 9 RTVV; police presence schools protest in Xátiva more Valencian cuts 389m€; Xmas junketing in Valencia ;

8th Oct 2013

The Bárcenasgate scandal continues; 11th September - Catalan national day the Diada; Rajoy is currently preparing the annual Budget which, in November, will mean more pain and austerity for Spaniards - Spanish pensioners will lose 20%; chronicly or seriously ill must pay 10% of the cost of each medication; PP are running scared, both from published opinion polls which show them losing 12 percentage points over the November 2011 General Election and from private party polls; Many in Spain are calling for the king's abdication; danger to the right to peaceful protest by citizens; natural gas reserve of the off-shore Castor Project in Castellón; Alberto Fabra cutting costs???; Rajoy's Red Rose in Japan!

10th Sept 2013

The Bárcenasgate scandal continues; 11th September - Catalan national day the Diada; Gibraltar; the elimination of Madrid for the 2020 Olympics; Carme Chacón for the USA; País poll: PSOE on 30.5% and PP on 30.1%; the economy - GDP fell 1.6% in 2012 - wages pitifully low; Castellón airport - bird sanctuary?

9th July 2013

THe knives are out: Bárcenasgate continues after Bárcenas' imprisonment; corruption in Andalucía; Education Minister, José Ignacio Wert wants to raise the entry bar to university; PSOE's Andalucían head José Antonio Griñán, (67 years), not standing at the next elections - new blood needed? The S 80 submarine sinks but can't float!

11th June 2013

Corruption in Valencia continues; Charges against José Blanco PSOE Andalucía; European Union Summit on 27-28th June; European award - Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca; Unemployment figures for May; 18,000 applicants for 11 jobs in the Museum of Madrid paying 13,000 euros a year! PSOE still trailing PP in opinion polls - new policy: “Ganar el futuro con igualdad”; Cataluña - independence - “Spain against Cataluña – a historical over-view 1714 to 2014”; Bon Jovi waiving their fee for a concert in Madrid on 27th June.

9th April 2013

Instituto Nóos - Princess Cristina; El País’ of 7th April – “Crisis e instituciones” or “Crisis and Institutions”. including the subjects of the Monarchy, politicians, parliament, large and small companies, the Church and the Trades Unions -little confidence across the board; Open Budget Index; PP government and the economic crisis - failure to pass through legislative reforms; Rajoy’s successors?; PSOE leadership and other problems; death of Sara Montiel, actress.

12th March 2013

More on Bárcenasgate - now at least €38m in a Swiss bank account and more elsewhere - up to €100m in Canada, the US, the Bahamas, Panama, or the Isle of Man; Bárcenas paid a monthly income of €21,380 by PP right up to 31st January this year! PP leaders dissemble or stay mute. Latest poll:72%, of Spaniards do not believe PP at all and nor do 58% of PP supporters. The scandal of Iñaki Urdangarín, son-in-law of the King; PSPC call for abdication; PSOE Carme Chacón - successor to Rubalcalba?; the ‘Problem in Ponferrada’; Spain on International Women’s Day; Economic metaphor - roof collapse at Las Ventas bullring in Madrid.

12th February 2013

Special - Endemic corruption in Spain - Treasurer of the PP ruling party, Luis Bárcenas, had 22 million euros in a Swiss bank account; Spanish polls show total disillusionment with the two main parties; help from world-wide capitalism is at hand - 'Eurovegas'; Cairn Energy, is to start prospecting for oil in the Gulf of Valencia .

8th January 2013

Price rises in the New Year; “The King’s Speech” on Christmas Day; Spain finished the year with 4,848,723 people unemployed officially..; Arturo Mas's referendum promise; protests continue throughout Spain; PSOE leadership and the next General Election - a challenge from Carme Chacón; Valencia -the ceiling is literally falling in on schools where repair budgets have been frozen;

11th December 2012

General Strike in Spain; Cataluñan elections on 25th November: Mas thwarted; the scandal of home evictions; The economy goes from worse to worst; Closure of Paradors; privatisation of RENFE; education cuts and reforms; pensions cuts; fall of support to both major parties.

13th November 2012

Analysis of 21 Oct regional elections in Galicia and Pais Vasco; Cataluñan elections on 25th November; 7th Nov European Commission economic forecasts; PP Government 2013 Budget with further cuts; Spanish legislation on evictions; the Spanish Socialist Party´s disintegration; General Strike in Spain; Valencia Region chemists take action for non-payment by Government; legalisation gay marriage confirmed.

9th October 2012

Cataluñan Nationalism; PP Government 2013 Budget with further cuts; Spanish banks need 50 billion euros; Spaniards total rejection of cuts in a protest called “Rodea el Congreso”; response of PSOE; only 41% prepared to vote for PSOE again; Three extraordinary people of the Left have died: Hobsbawm, Carillo, Kenton; Caritas revealed in mid-September that, up to that date, 1,015,276 people have asked for help from the charity.

11th September 2012

Mariano Rajoy, steers the country towards a full bail-out from the EU.... response of the opposition Socialist Party.................regions have a major liquidity problem .....costs of school materials, text-books......... disconnect between elected politicians and the electorate....

10th July 2012

New deal with Eurogroup zone........Miners' Strike........

12th June 2012

El Rescate....Education National Strike........Miners' Strike........Gibraltar..... UNICEF report of May 2012 - children in Spain

8th MaY 2012

François Hollande’s victory; in Spain 27 billion euros in spending cuts and tax rises;Massive protests in 80 cities;The PSOE response; instructions to the Regions to cut health/education spending are proposed charges for prescriptions;unemployment was 5,639,500 ie. 24.4%, Argentina nationalises YPF, the Spanish subsidiary of Repsol, merge the administration of small towns, the cemetery of Santo Torribio de Teba.

13th March 2012

TU demonstrations against Government’s Labour Reform Law - police reactions - Rajoy and the Deficit - Regional Government Elections in Andalusia -

14th February 2012

New leader of PSOE Rubalcaba narrowly defeats Chacón - François Hollande - next socialist Président? - Death in Valencia - just one more statistic......

12th January 2012

Rajoy's New Cabinet / PP Cuts and Taxes / PSOE Leadership - Rubalcaba or Chacón?

8th November 2011

General Election 20th Nov - Spanish General Election - Cara a Cara TV Debate, Party Manifestos, Results: predictions

11TH October 2011

General Election 20th Nov - Party Political Conferences

13th September 2011

Change Article 135 of the Spanish Constitution:a maximum figure for Spain’s structural deficit as a percentage of national GDP - plus reactions; recent incredible history of the ‘cajas de ahorros’

12th July 2011

New leader - Rubalcaba; aftermath of 22nd May Elections - D’Hondt delays Extremadura convulsions; 15-M Movement; Corruption cases continue SGAE; xenophobia in Catalunya

14 June 2011

Local and Regional Elections22nd May; succession to Zapatero; the movement of protestors and demonstrators 15M /“Democracia Real Ya” / the “Indignados”

10TH May 2011

New Basque Grouping Bildu / Unemployment reaches 4.9m

12th April 2011

Zapatero to stand down - main successors


Spanish Local Elections - Xábia 2015

Municipal Election Results Xábia - PSOE Majority!

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