Javea - HQ of LICBN - on the Costa Blanca in the Province of Alicante

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 NEWS 2012!!


Congratulations to M. François Hollande, Parti Socialiste - new French President!!!  click here to see our paper on
'The French Presidential Elections - Implications for Labour'.




	EASTBOURNE - Click here to see enlarged picture

From left to right Alan and Maureeen White, Caroline Flint, Tony and Viv Sullivan


Labour International Costa Blanca North May Day in Alicante

LICBN Members in Alicante May Day 2012 - Click here to see enlarged picture

Labour Costa Blanca North and PSOE Quiz


Twenty eight LICBN and PSOE members and supporters participated in a fund raising quiz at the Ancora, Xábia  on 19th April  2012 organised by George and Pauline Stevenson. Xábia's PSOE mayor José Chulvi attended to wish everyone success!


 NEWS 2011!!


Spanish Local Elections Sun 22nd May - congratulations to José Chulvi and the PSOE team!!!!

Click here at javeamigos to see full election results.

GENERAL MEETING 10th May 2011 at L’Ancora, Javea at 14.30 hrs


Main Topic: Guest Speaker Martin Angus, LP Events Organiser 'Election 2010:What Happened, why it happened and what we can learn'

Partnership into Power  - George Stevenson's revised proposed response

“This branch opposes the idea for scrapping May Day put forward in the Tourism Policy Paper in February 2011 by the Tourism Minister for the Coalition Government. This day not only commemorates an ancient British rite dating from the 4th century but is also a day for celebrating the unity of workers worldwide. The proposal favours as a replacement a new national holiday on either St. Geroge's Day (23rd April) or Trafalgar Day (21st October) on the pretexts of extending the tourism season and of introducing a more nationalist event to which to rally.” Proposed by John Mackay, seconded by Kevin Bruton.

Update on Spanish Politics: Kevin Bruton


May Day 2011 - Orihuela PSOE Celebrates with LI Costa Blanca Members


PSOE Celebrates May Day in Orihuela with LI Compañeros


Message from Christine Montano: A few pics from Mayday. Orihuela PSOE organised a BBQ in the village of San Bartolame. They also used the event to present their candidates for the forthcoming elections. Sarah Hill is on the platform.


12th April GM speaker Jordan Newall, PPC Colchester


Click here to see group photograph after Jordan's talk


“The battles of frontline politics” Jordan Newall, PPC Colchester.  To see the group photograph after Jordan's talk click on his picture.


14th April  - Quiz NIght in support of PSOE

A quiz to raise funds to support PSOEs local election campaign took place on Thursday 14 April at Don Quijote on the Moraira Benitachall Road.. €7 entry fee included a single course (chili con carne or similar). About 14 members and friends attended together with some 14 PSOE members, including the mayoral candidate, José Chulvi. The raffle raised over €200. The quiz was hosted by George Stevenson with a well selected mixture of questions to suit both the Spanish and British contestants. A very successful night in all!

Thursday April 7 PSOE Forum for Change

At 20:30 am at the Parador de Turismo de Jávea, PSOE continues the Forum for Change discussions. On this occasion, Antoni Bernabe, Director General of TURESPAÑA, will be with us to discuss how to deal with "new challenges" of tourism. Click here for report: PSOE Forum for Change Tourism Apr2011


Friday, 4th March Javea Parador 8.00pm: PSOE
New Technologies and Local Government


Click here to see full details PSOE will be welcoming José Antonio Rodriguez Salas, Mayor of Jun (Granada) on their Forum for Change  to speak on “ Open Government and Active Participation 2.0” - Open Government and Active Participation 2.0” - how new technologies in conjunction with local government can serve the community. Clck on image to see full details


Annual General Meeting 8th February 2.30pm Ancora Tenis, Xábia

Visiting speaker - Linda Palfreeman
the Spanish Republican Medical Service


Feb 2011 José Chulvi has been declared as the PSPV-PSOE candidate for Mayor of Xàbia in May


Click here to see full details and list of PSOE candidates


José Chulvi has been declared by a unanimous vote of the local party members as the PSPV-PSOE candidate for Mayor of Xàbia in the forthcoming municipal elections in May. Click on his picture to see the full details and list of candidates.


Jan 2011 Talk by George Thomas PSOE - The Challenges of Integration - Mon 17th

Click here to see full picture

Talk by George Thomas PSOE - The Challenges of Integration - Mon 17th January - Casa de Cultura, Javea 11h - click on image to see full poster


General Meeting 11th January 2.30pm Ancora Tenis, Xábia

Partnership into Power – Lorraine will open the discussion


past events

General Meeting 14th December 2.30pm Ancora Tenis, Xábia

Equality / Inequality - Intro by John Othick


General Meeting 9 November 2.30pm Ancora Tenis, Xábia

American mid-term Elections - John Othick


General Meeting 12 October 2.30pm Ancora Tenis, Xábia

Ed Balls - Bloomberg Speech - Alan John


General Meeting 14 September 2.30pm Ancora Tenis, Xábia

Pope’s Visit to UK - Maureen White
LI - obtaining full CLP status


General Meeting 10 August 2.30pm Ancora Tenis, Xábia

Labour Leadership Campaign


General Meeting 13th July 2.30pm Ancora Tenis, Xábia

LI CBN Objectives and Priorities


General Meeting 8th June 2.30pm Ancora Tenis, Xábia

Moira John - Afghan women ; video & discussion.


General Meeting 11th May 2.30pm Ancora Tenis, Xábia

General Election Results


General Meeting 13th April 2.30pm Ancora Tenis, Xábia

UK General Election discussion led by Tony



General Meeting 9th March 2.30pm Ancora Tenis, Xábia

The Future of Socialism in Europe – George Stevenson.




Make sure you have registered to vote in the General Election!!!

One sure thing about the political calendar of 2010 is that there will be a General Election in the UK no later than 3rd June. Although this ultimate deadline seems some time away if you as an overseas voter want to make sure of being able to cast your vote then it would be wise to take the first steps now. Otherwise you may find you have not left yourself enough time to do so. The information here helps to explain what you need to do. Make sure you can vote in the General Election!!! - Click here .

Annual General Meeting 9th February 2.30pm Ancora Tenis, Xábia

‘Media influence on public opinion’ to be introduced by Mike Lawson

Statement for debate



General Meeting 12th January 2.30pm Ancora Tenis, Xábia

Ed Miliband Manifesto suggestions:

members will be asked to put forward ideas for discussion by email/on paper




General Meeting 8th December 2.30pm Ancora Tenis, Xábia

Alternative Voting Systems - In Search of Democracy - John MacKay

In the light of the recent promise by Gordon Brown to include in the manifesto a referendum on AV, a look is taken of a range of alternatives and their strengths and weaknesses.



General Meeting 10th November 2.30pm Ancora Tenis, Xábia

The Shock Doctrine - Naomi Klein - presentation by Alan John

Alan looks at Canadian journalist and author Naomi Klein's disclosures of some alarmiing practices of modern market-orientated economists from Friedman to the Chicago Boys.


Excellent October Edition of Brussels Germinal - Conference Report

Includes articles from Frazer Clarke (LI Membership Sec and Treasurer) and Gary Titley talking about LI in Andalucia
Brussels Germinal October 2009 - Conference Report - Click here or go via the Brussels Labour Link on the Menu to see all the news on the Brussels website. .

Santa Cruz de Moya, Cuenca - October Anniversary - Remembering the Forgotten

Click here to see John O's article "REMEMBERING THE FORGOTTEN"


General Meeting 13th October 2.30pm Ancora Tenis, Xábia

Further Education Policy Document presented by Tony Sullivan

Tony outlines the history of Further Education from its inception in 1944 to the present day,remarking that there is NO mention of Further Education in the Education Policy Document.


General Meeting 8th September 2.30pm Ancora Tenis, Xábia

‘A New Politics’ - general discussion introduced by Kevin Bruton

mentioning major current speeches, the Tobin tax, the bonus culture, measures the Government should take to try and win the next election,and the bias in the media.


General Meeting 11th August 2.30pm Ancora Tenis, Xábia

Public Sector Pay and Pensions under attack? Introduced by Allan Taylor.


General Meeting 14th July 2.30pm Ancora Tenis, Xábia

'Obama - The First Six Months' / Canada Update - John Othick


Voting in the European Elections

PSOE asks for volunteers to man the Voting Stations - meeting tonight (Thurs 4th June at the Casa del Poble - 8.00pm)
Information on Registering as an Observer - Click here.

PSOE - Euro Elections Rally - Xabía 2nd June

More than forty PSOE /LICBN members and supporters attended the rally at PSOE Casa del Poble with main speakers Andrés Perrelló (MEP PSOE Candidate) and George Stevenson (ex MP MEP UK).


General Meeting 12th May Royal Mail - No Privatisation - Tim Upton

On 17th March New Coalition launched the campaign for ‘Post Bank’

To go to the CWU website for full details click here

Royal Mail - No Privatisation Petition!

You can help by joining the fight to keep the post public. Regardless of which business you work in, keeping your UK postal service in your ownership is crucial. If our Royal Mail is part-sold now, it will only be a matter of time before the whole company is in private hands.
Not only will that mean massive job losses, it will also see the gradual deterioration of this vital public service.

For further information and the petition click here to access the CWU website.


Labour Costa Blanca North and PSOE Xábia Celebrate May Day at Casa Pinet, Tárbena

More than forty members and supporters celebrated International Labour Day at the Casa Pinet Restaurante in Tárbena. Also taking part in the celebrations were José Chulvi, Leader of PSPV Xábia, his wife, Mónica, Kika Mata, Councillor, and George Thomas, PSPV Tourism Representative. Chair of LICBN, Kevin Bruton included in his address a tribute to Jack Jones, former TGWU leader and member of the International Brigade in the Spanish Civil War who died last week aged 96 and who shared with us a celebration of May Day in the same restaurant in 2005 when on his way to receive an honour for his participation in the Battle of the Ebro in 1938


PSOE Orihuela and Labour Costa Blanca South Celebrate an Open May Day

LICBS celebrating May Day with Rosa Martinez and all the PSOE group in Orihuela. LICBS Chair, Christine Montano had the opportunity to speak and say a few words about LI.


Lord John Tomlinson - Guest Speaker 14th April - Javea

Lord John Tomlinson, former Labour MP, MEP and Parliamentary Secretary to Harold Wilson, addressed the 14th April meeting of Labour International Costa Blanca at which there were more than forty members including PSOE guests.

Lord John Tomlinson Press Release - Click here.

Labour International Costa Blanca North visits Alcoy

LICBN Members in the Council Chamber Alcoy January 2009 - Click here to see John O's tribute 
	    to Alcoy

Thirty members of LICBN recently organised a day trip to Alcoy. The purpose of the visit was twofold; to meet PSOE members of Alcoy Council and to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the bombing of Alcoy by Italian bombers supporting Franco.
Group members were warmly welcomed in the council chamber by the Deputy Mayor Sñr. Rafael Sanus and the PSOE group council leader, Sñr. Antonio Frances. Other PSOE councillors were there to welcome us: Sñr.Jordi Martinez and Sñra.Aroa Mira Rojano. The councillors outlined the local initiatives to improve the infrastructure and tourist facilities, both these initiatives are supported by the Madrid Government. There then followed a question and answer session, in the main concentrating on the impact of the current credit crisis and the effects of the current economic downturn on employment, immigration and businesses in the local area.
The members then visited the El Refugio Cervantes. The Cervantes Shelter is now a public museum depicting the effects of the Civil War on Alcoy and its residents.
Originally it was one of many built during the Civil War when the citizens of Alcoy correctly anticipated that they would become a target for Franco’s rebel forces because the town was a stronghold for the legitimate democratically elected Republican government and of strategic importance because of its industrial capacity and as an important munitions centre.
Between September 1938 and February 1939 over 50,000 kilos of explosives was dropped on the town causing over 50 deaths and many injuries as well as the destruction of many homes and businesses. The museum tells the story of how the people coped with the bombing and what conditions were like at the time. A visit to the Cervantes shelter reveals the suffering of those who lived through such painful times in Spanish history. Members of the group were deeply impressed by what people did to protect themselves and alleviate the suffering of their fellow citizens.

For more information click on the picture to see John O's 'Winter in Alcoy'

LICBN GM 10th Feb Ancora Tenis, Javea 2.30pm - The Financial Crisis / Obama Presidency
LICBN GM 13th Jan Ancora Tenis, Javea 2.30pm - Gaza Resolution


LICBN GM 9th Dec Ancora Tenis, Javea 2.30pm - Policy Commission Report - Britain in the World - Pauline and George
LICBN GM 11th Nov; Ancora Tenis, Javea 2.30pm - Topic: Open discussion on the US Presidential Election
LICBN GM 14th Oct Ancora Tenis, Javea 2.30pm - Topic: Labour Party Policy Commission Report on ‘Work and Prosperity’
LICBN GM 9th Sep  Ancora Tenis, Javea 2.30pm - Topic: Where now for Labour?” Open Debate
LICBN GM 12th August  Ancora Tenis, Javea 3.00pm - 60 years of the NHS - to be introduced by George Stevenson
LICBN GM 8th July  Ancora Tenis, Javea 3.00pm - Britain and America intro by John Othick
LICBN GM 10th June Ancora Tenis, Javea 3.00pm - Housing – the ‘Cinderella’ Issue
LICBN GM  13th May  Ancora Tenis, Javea 3.00pm - Topic:  Green taxes and Social Justice




The UK political calendar of 2011 will include the referendum on 5th May on the Alternative Vote System. The deadline for registering is Thursday, 14th April. As an overseas voter. start the registration process now. Otherwise.........!!!!  The information here helps to explain what you need to do. Make sure you can vote in the Referendum!!! - Click here .