Labour International is the organisation recognised as a constituency within the Labour Party that represents Party members and supporters who live or work abroad either temporarily or permanently.

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Location / Information

14? Dec Christmas Dinner
Atico, Javea

Dec Poetry TBA
11 Dec Gen.Meeting Ancora Playa, Arenal, Xábia 2:30

Agenda General Meeting - LI Costa Blanca North - 11 Dec 2018  at Ancora Tenis, Avenida de Paris 24, Arenal, Javea 2:30 to 4:30

1. Welcome & Apologies
2. Approval of Minutes of the meeting held 13 Nov 2018 & matters arising
3. Topics: Brexit - What Next?
4. Motions: “ In two and a half years since the referendum on membership of the EU, the choices given to the people of the UK have distilled down to accepting a compromise deal
negotiated with the EU, or leaving the EU with no deal. The economic forecasts of
the government and those of the Bank of England both show that people will be
worse off under May's deal, and considerably worse off under no deal. The option of
staying in the EU, and not being worse off, is rejected by the government on the
grounds that we must respect the will of the people.
Labour's position has been to press for a general election, but to keep on the table
the option of another referendum. The reality is that a general election is unlikely,
since in the event of Parliament rejecting May's deal, the Tories will not support
bringing down their government. Labour's hopes of negotiating a better deal
therefore have no real prospect of success.
The time has therefore now come for Labour to fully support a call for a People's
Vote, and give the British people the chance to decide whether they wish to reject all
options which will make them worse off. That vote should be a simple vote on
whether they wish to remain in the EU or to leave. “
Proposed: Tony Lawton
Seconded: Tim Upton

5. Reports from Officers
6. LICC report
7. Social Calendar
8. Political Calendar
9. Red Rose Draw
10. Any other business
11. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 8 January 2019


  Letters from George Stevenson, MP, MEP, Hon. President LICBN:

Discussion Documents

George Stevenson's Letter Oct 2017

George Stevenson's Letter Dec 2017

George Stevenson's Letter May 2018 - UK and International Foreign Policy

George Stevenson's Letter Nov 2018 Moments with Marx


LICBN May Day Lunch 2018

This year for the first time was spent at El Pinet's new premises in Alcalali: for a full report see Labour International Newsheet 


LICBN Meeting 08 Nov 2016 - Xábia Andy MacDonald MP Shadow Transport Secretary Guest Speaker




PS: At our November 2016 the meeting, Labour International Costa Blanca welcomed two Xabia PSOE counsellors and received a copy of a resolution moved by the Mayor of Xabia, Jose Chulvi, and carried unanimously at a plenary session of the Ayuntamiento.

The resolution is attached, and comprises a background to the motion and the motion itself - - click to view

We really appreciated the support for British citizens which has been given by the Ayuntamiento and share their wish to respect equally the social and political rights of Spanish citizens resident in the UK. The example set in the small town of Xabia serves as a model for the kind of treatment we would wish to see replicated throughout the U.K.

Please share this document with as many friends and colleagues in Labour Party branches and Trade Unions as you can. Fraternally, Moira John (Chair of the Meeting)


Spanish General Election Results Sunday 26 June 2016

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Spanish Politics

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Spanish Politics Updates

Spanish Politics Updates by Kevin Bruton


UK Overseas Citizens - Voting in UK Elections

Click on image for details of registration Background Information on Voting Registration


Obituary - Pauline Stevenson

Sadly Pauline passed away in April 2018 after a very long illness which she bore with immense fortitude. She was a very active and entertaining member of our group for over ten years before returning to the UK with her husband George. We offer our deepest condolences to George.

John Mac pp LICBN

LI Members Meeting Alicante

LI Members Meeting Alicante